Brunswick Limestone's property was originally quarried in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Many of the older homes in Hillsborough — the village where the quarry is located — used stone from this quarry in their foundation walls. The Hillsborough Post Office, completed in 1913 with our limestone, serves as a lasting reminder of the strength and durability of our product.

Our quarry contains a unique combination of two colours of stone with the same texture: "Antique Red" is reddish-brown and "Antique Green" is a greyish-green. Originally we started with random flagstone for landscaping purposes, and then progressed into wall stone and garden steps. We now compliment our landscape stone with a full product range including building stone and window sills. When building or upgrading a home or property, Brunswick Limestone can offer a full range of products to make the project unique.


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